Gearing up for querying

Still proofing and polishing Daughter of Lilith.  Query is ready, the synopsis is ready, and pitches are ready.  Only thing left is the story itself.  But hey, that’s the easy part…actually, sometimes I think it is.


A Journey of a Thousand Words…



A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  This is far from my first step, but in terms of developing a professional social media profile, here it is.  As part of my new years resolution, I’m going to attempt to keep this up to date.

I’m in  the final stages of preparing my manuscript for querying.  It’s not my first time writing.  I’ve started years ago, even going as far back as college where I co-wrote a three act play for a theater troupe I belonged to.

I enjoyed acting immensely, mainly because I was creating a person that never existed before.  Even if I was playing a character that was played by hundreds of actors before, I would bring something new to the stage.

So it is with writing.  Only now I get to create not just one person, but entire worlds.  I may use the real world as the template, but there are no rules which I must follow.  I still love acting, but as far as creativity is concerned, writing offers unlimited possibilities.  And that is what this journey is about.  Unlimited possibilities.

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