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Happy Jumping Frog Day!

“HeHolidaysy camel, guess what day is it?”

For those in the United States, it may trigger a smile or a remorseful head shake over the insurance company commercial involving two poor camels getting heckled over the nickname for Wednesday – ‘humpday’.

Everyone enjoys getting ‘over the hump’ as the weekend gets closer.  We celebrate it.  Right?  It’s practically a holiday.

Holidays are something people look forward to.  Some days we celebrate because of religious reasons, some for political reasons, and some for the sole purpose of wanting something to celebrate, regardless of the origins.  (Arrrr, matey – some people just can’t wait for September 19th).

It’s this latter type of holiday I’m addressing today.  The term “Hallmark Holiday” has been coined to describe a holiday that has no real purpose other than to boost commercialism, such as selling cards or candy.  Most of the family member celebrations have fallen into this category: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Sweetest Day, and Siblings Day.  Those who reject romance even throw in Valentine’s Day (who now shares February 14th with the holiday Singles Awareness Day or S.A.D.)

Yet, while you probably heard of most of the holidays I listed above (Siblings Day is April 10th and has been around since 1998), there’s a whole other world out there of holidays that apparently Hallmark and other card producers has overlooked.  An event in itself that may be cause for celebration.

I have looked high and far to find a “Clean Up You Room Day” card for my kids, but for whatever reason, neither Hallmark nor American Greetings had a single one, not even an ecard!  What the heck?

And I can’t tell you how difficult it was to convince everyone in the office to take a moment of silence for all those missing socks on Lost Sock Memorial Day earlier this month.  But I think I can drum up business this coming September 5th and find some folks to gather around to celebrate Cheese Pizza Day, heck I celebrate that practically every week, but it’s nice to know there’s a day set aside for it anyway.

Now some of these ‘holidays’ can get confusing.  You certainly don’t want to embarrass yourself going around wishing everyone a Happy Chocolate Day (July 7th) this coming May 15th which is, of course, Chocolate Chip Day.

It pains me that I can spend months or years writing and trying to get my thoughts and characters out there in the world with zero success and yet some drunken idiot one November 2nd screams out in the middle of a bar ‘Today is Look for Circles Day!’ and manages to rally enough people into thinking this idea should be supported.  Okay, maybe not supported well otherwise there would be at least one ecard for it.

Admittedly, many of these holidays are not federally recognized, but they still exist.  The question is why.  But as we ponder that, I want to leave you with some well-wishes this May 13th.

May you have a wonderful Frog Jumping/Leprechaun/National Receptionist Day.  And let’s not forget this is National Barbecue/Bike/Blood Pressure/Photograph/Recommitment/ and Salad Month as well.

Now, if you excuse me I need to practice my chicken dance for tomorrow’s festivities.



Polar Vortex – are they making this up?

Not sure why no one has EVER heard of a Polar Vortex prior to three days ago.  According to meteorologists it is a standard phenomenon just like the jet stream.  It just usually never dips into the lower latitudes, like to the states.  Yet, over four decades on living in the Midwest and I never once heard of it.  Yet Chicago is now looking at highs of -14F and windchills of -50.  The lowest windchill I remember is from my childhood and was -40F.  Still not pretty, and to be honest, I think once you reach a certain point you body doesn’t really care if it is being exposed to -40 or -50, it just wants you inside.  Sadly, I had to spend the day driving having been snowed in from the day before.  It would have been a good day to review my MS which I’m hoping to start querying later this month.


A Journey of a Thousand Words…



A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  This is far from my first step, but in terms of developing a professional social media profile, here it is.  As part of my new years resolution, I’m going to attempt to keep this up to date.

I’m in  the final stages of preparing my manuscript for querying.  It’s not my first time writing.  I’ve started years ago, even going as far back as college where I co-wrote a three act play for a theater troupe I belonged to.

I enjoyed acting immensely, mainly because I was creating a person that never existed before.  Even if I was playing a character that was played by hundreds of actors before, I would bring something new to the stage.

So it is with writing.  Only now I get to create not just one person, but entire worlds.  I may use the real world as the template, but there are no rules which I must follow.  I still love acting, but as far as creativity is concerned, writing offers unlimited possibilities.  And that is what this journey is about.  Unlimited possibilities.